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Why join the Rhode Island Dahlia Society and the American Dahlia Society?  What are the benefits? The answer is simple… members can benefit from the collective experience and wisdom of dahlia growers nationwide. And, equally important, membership in the RIDS and ADS helps to support dahlia research and promotion on both a local and national level.

On a local level, the Rhode Island Dahlia Society hosts regular, monthly meetings featuring dahlia-related presentations, where RIDS members can learn from experienced dahlia growers what cultivation techniques work best in their areas. These presentations are for novice and experienced dahlia growers alike and have covered a range of topics from tuber division, methods for staking and tying, fertilization, soil science, growing organically vs. using chemicals, and dahlia storage techniques, to tips about staging dahlias for shows, drying dahlia blooms and more. RIDS also hosts an annual summer picnic and a winter holiday party.

RIDS memberships are available at the following levels:

 RIDS Annual Dues Structure

Individual                                  $15.00

Family (2 names)                      $20.00

Junior or Student (under 18)     Free

Donation                                   $____


You can also join the American Dahlia Society through RIDS. American Dahlia Society members receive the annual Classification and Handbook of Dahlias, the Bulletin of the American Dahlia Society three times per year and access to the Members Only section of the ADS website. Select your membership level on the lower portion of the membership application and include the appropriate amount with your check ( make out a single check to RIDS)  – the membership chairman will forward the ADS portion of your dues to ADS). By subscribing to ADS through the RIDS you are getting a discount in the ADS dues.  ADS memberships are available at the following levels: 

 ADS Annual Dues Structure

Individual                                  $30.00

Family (2 names)                      $35.00

Junior                                        $10.00

Patron                                       $75.00

Contributing                              $125.00

Donation                                   $____

To join online click on the link below to select your membership

type and add it to your cart.  (Coming Soon)

If you do not wish to join online you may use the link below to print out a membership form and mail it with a check to the Membership Chairman.  You are also welcome to come to any meeting as a guest and join at that time.  The meeting  schedule is listed on this website.